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Welcome to the official website of the Junior Common Room of Josephine Butler College.

Butler’s JCR, or JBJCR, is a membership-lead community of students which sits outside of their academic commitments. We aim to be accessible, environmentally focused and to be part of Durham city’s wider community. With more than 80 different student groups, there’s so many ways #GetInvolved and we are committed to make sure everyone can.

Hey everyone! I’m Emily (She/Her), your JCR President for the year.

I have just graduated from Durham University with BA Hons in Primary Education. Now I work full time for you, our Junior Common Room (JCR) after being elected by our students this last year. I am here to help with the day to day running of the JCR and the big events like Freshers Week, Winter and Summer Ball or Fashion Show!

Our aims this year are to ensure our JCR is accessible, that our JCR promotes equality and sustainability throughout all our members and their actions. Also to encourage active engagement across both students and alumni communities as we emerge from the pandemic.

Butler JCR has an outstanding community where everyone gets to make their own mark on the college in their own way. There is something for everyone here, and if there isn’t we can create it with our resilient and adaptive attitude that our students emulate.

If you have any questions or queries message @butler.sabbs on Instagram or email [email protected].

Emily Dewar (She/Her)
President of Josephine Butler JCR

Hi, I’m Orla (She/Her)! Your Financial and Community Support Officer (FACSO) for the year.

I’ve just graduated with a BSc in Psychology and I’ll be working full time for our undergraduate student community alongside Emily in the JCR office this year. My job is to take care of the JCR finances, to help run events and support you all through your time at Butler to make sure every member of our college community can thrive and enjoy their time here. 

There are so many ways to get involved in college life and in the JCR we have sports, societies, committees and events to suit everyone – if you want to know more, or have any questions, or just want to pop in for a chat our door is always open! Alternatively, drop me an email on [email protected] 

Orla McDermott (She/Her)
Finance and Community Support Officer (FACSO) of Josephine Butler JCR

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